The Pros and Cons of Guided Tours

People have different traveling styles. Some hardcore travelers completely eschew packages that include guided tours. They believe that organized tours do not support authentic experiences and that it is better to explore a destination independently. However, in certain instances, a guided tour is the better option. When you are exploring Amsterdam attractions for families, for example, a guided tour enables you to check out more locations with your loved ones, given a limited amount of time. Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing to go on a guide tour.

guided tours

Pro: Safety

 One of the biggest concerns of many travelers right now is their personal safety and security. Most people prefer to travel in groups because the saying that there is safety in numbers is true, after all. A guided tour is advisable when you are worried about venturing out on your own or if you are not comfortable being by yourself in a new place. Furthermore, there are places in the world where a guided tour makes the most sense, from a personal security perspective.

Con: More Visible Target for Pickpockets

 Unfortunately, although people are generally safer when they are part of a group, it also makes them a more likely target for pickpockets and petty criminals. Tour groups do not exactly blend in. They are extremely conspicuous, especially in the eyes of the locals. Furthermore, most pickpockets are very aware of where tours are held so they are more likely to be around in the places you visit during your tours.

Pro: Access to Unusual Destinations

 toursTour operators can organize trips to just about anywhere in the world. There are times when joining a tour group is the only way that you will able to visit a destination. This is the case for destinations such as Antarctica and in some tourist spots in South America. This is because, most of the time, going there on your own is prohibitively costly and impractical because of your luggage or backpack.

Some places, on the other hand, are so crowded during peak season that tourists are turned even after standing in line for hours on end. Some tourists, for example will be hard-pressed to find a Madame Tussaud Amsterdam ticket. Tour groups often have separate access times and entrances, and ensure that you will be able to visit your chosen destination, no matter the crowd volume.

Pro: Cost Savings

 If you are traveling on a budget, you definitely want to save money on the activities you partake in during your trip. It is already costly to rent weekend Amsterdam apartments and adding tickets to various attractions can put a serious dent in your wallet. Tour operators operate on economies of scale, and their savings are often passed on the members of the tour group. When you check out dinner cruise Amsterdam TripAdvisor reviews, for instance, you will see that the experience is usually cheaper when you are doing it with a group.

Con: Lack of Freedom

 Most organized tours have a pre-set itinerary that often does not get followed at all because of lazy and late tourists. Your free time is limited and you most likely will not get the opportunity to savor your experience.

Now, if you are going to go on a guided tour, be sure to cover all of your bases right from the start so that everything goes smoothly during the tour. This includes everything from your transport, your tickets, your accommodations, and pretty much everything else that you will need so that you can enjoy your trip to the utmost.

What you need to remember is that the enjoyment that you can get out of guided tours depend a lot on your own preparations. If you are missing any of the essential items that you should have, you’ll experience issues.