Top Necessities for Traveling Internationally

Whether you are on your first trip or you hundredth one, it is always good to have a list of the things you need to bring with you when you are traveling internationally. If you have a lot of activities planned during your trip, you might need to pack a lot of gear and miscellaneous items with you. In cases like this, keeping organized can be quite challenging. Just keep in mind that any item you have with you should serve a specific purpose. Here are some my top necessities that I always bring no matter what kind of trip I am on.


Bags and Packing Cubes

I cannot overstate the importance of packing cubes. These things are great for keeping your things neat, lightweight, and organized. You also need plastic bags to place your dirty shoes and clothes in, or serve as extra protection against any leaky liquids you have in your bag. Make sure that you also have an eco bag with you. It can double as a tote bag for your clothes and toiletries when you are staying at a place with a shared bathroom and as a beach or laundry or grocery bag.


medsMake sure that you always check if you are going to need travel vaccines before or bring certain types of medication with you for your destination. Ibuprofen is a must, especially since jet lag, altitude differentials, long delays, sleeping while sitting up, and hours spent sitting in the same place can sometimes cause body pain and headaches. Make sure that you pack a couple of painkillers in your bag.

Another important thing to bring are band-aids. Remember that no matter how many times you have worn your shoes, walking around all day will cause blisters and you will be grateful to have band-aids on hand to prevent them.

Carry-On Bag with Your Personal Items

Whenever possible, make sure that you travel with a carry on luggage. This will guarantee that the airline will not lose your valuables and important documents. It will also save you time and money that you would have otherwise spent on check-in and baggage fees.